Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach (Ventura Beach) is one of a beautiful and clean beach in Sri Lanka. You can spend a calm and relaxing time on the beach. Also, you can get a fresh swimming experience. The waves are smooth. So kids can swim without getting any dangerous situation. There are a lot of positive reviews about this place

Location of Bentota Beach

Bentota located at Galle District. n other words, it locates at 65 KM (kilometres) south of Colombo. You can use Express Highway or old Galle road to reach Bentota form, Colombo. In my opinion, This is the best beach located in Galle.

What You Can Expect in Bentota Beachpalm trees

You can get an excellent and unforgettable experience at Bentota Beach. Try to visit the beach early in the morning or evening. You can see a fantastic sunset in the evening. It is so quiet and lovely environment. This beach is a perfect sandy beach.

Beach water is warm and clean. Easily you can hire surfboards. Also, they will give training if you are not familiar with surfing.

As I told before, you can swim in this ocean. The waves are smooth also there have no rock or coral on the beach. But in offseason, there have rough waves. So always be cautious and get advice from someone around the beach.

The beach is longer than the usual beach so you have a lot of space and you don’t need to worry about other people.

There have places to rent sunbeds. So you can chill with your partner or family, and the sun is not so hard in the morning and evening. Also, there have a lot of palm you can use palm trees to cover from the sun.


Sea FoodsThere have a lot of restaurants and hotels near the beach. You can get a perfect lunch and dinner. There has fantastic food. Try to eat local foods. That food test was amazing. Also, there have some places to buy food on the beach. But there have no bars on the beach.


There have places to get a shower after a swim in the sea. But those Showers are not like 5-star hotel showers. But you can get a regular bath and change your clothes without getting any issues. Also, there have toilets.

Other Places near The Bentota Beach 

There have a lot of places to see around the Bentota. Bentota River is the best place to visit. You can get a boat ride on the river, and there have a lot of animals and birds most of the time you will see crocodiles.

The Brief Garden is one of the best places around Bentota.there has 8KM to Brief Garden from Bentota. In the Brief Garden, you will see a lot of eye-catching plants, .flowers and trees. 

Another great place is the Kosgoda Sea Turtle Hatchery. There has 11KM to turtle hatchery from Bentota beach. You will thank me later if you visit that place.


You plan to travel Sri Lanka, or currently, you stay in Sri Lanka, and you still didn’t visit Bentota beach I highly recommend to visit this place and get an unforgettable experience in your Sri Lanka travel. You can spend high-quality time on this beach. Do not go there at offseason. You will not be able to get 100% experience on this beach in offseason.

Hope you find some useful information in this post. Thank you for reading. You have any questions feel free to comment below. Check out my Sigiriya Rock Post from here. I will see you in the next post.



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