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Sigiriya is one of the best and famous places in Sri Lanka. A lot of foreigners and native travellers love to visit Sigiriya. Sigiriya has a lot of names like “Lon Rock”, “Alakamandawa”, “Sinhagiri “.in this post I will share everything you need to know about Sigiriya rock. Also, the history of Sigiriya Sri Lanka.

History of Sigiriya

Sigiriya Rock ViewSigiriya rock was a kingdom, and it built by King Sigiri Kashiapa. There has a story about King Kashyapa. King Dhatusena is the father of King Kashyapa. King Kashyapa got throng by overthrowing king Dhatusena after that he killed his father. This story happened in around 473 AD.king Kashyapa’s brother is prince Mugalan. In this time prince Mugalan escape to India.

King Kashiapa build Sigiriya within 18 years because he was afraid of Prince Mugalan. This information located in a book called “Mahawanshaya.”

Sigirya has a lot of historical value.

How to Travel Sigiriya

Sigiriya located at the Northern Mathale District and the nearest town is Dambulla. You can use Bus, Train or Privet vehicle like Car, Van to travel Sigiriya. I will share how to use 3 of those ways travel to Sigiriya.

Privet Vehicle

Use a privet vehicle is the best way to travel around Sri Lanka. You can rent a car or van. There have two roots to reach Sigiriya via privet vehicle.

The faster way is to use the Katunayaka Expressway (E03). Pass Minuwangoda, Giriulla and come to Kurunegala. Then drive to Dambulla from Kurunegala in A06 Road.

Also, you can use Kand road (A01).drive to Ambepussa and turn off to Kurunagala then Drive to Dambulla in A06 Road.

Then Drive to Inamaluwa Junction then you will see a replica of Lion’s Paw also there has signed to Sigiriya.

By Bus

The bus is a cheap and easy way to travel around Sri Lanka. By the way, there was no direct bus to Sigiriya. You have to take a few buses to reach Sigiriya. When you start your journey from Colombo Pettah, You can get the Anuradapura (NO.15) bus, Polonnaruwa bus, or Trinco(No.49) bus. When you got any of those three kinds of a bus, you have to buy a ticket for Dambulla.

After you come to Dambulla. You can get the Sigiriya bus at Dambulla station. Also, you can use Tuk-Tuk from Dambulla to Sigiriya. (It will be a little high cost than travel on the bus)

By Train

You have to get tickets to the Habarana railway station. Habarana Station is the closest station to Sigiriya(15km for Habarana).

There has only one train travel Colombo Fort to Habarana. Also, you have to spend like 5 hours to reach Habarana. When you arrived at Habarana, you have to get a bus to Sigiriya.

What can you see in Sigiriya?

Sigiriya Sri Lanka History

As I told before Sigiriya is one of the historical places in Sri Lanka. There has Lion’s Paw, Ponds, also you can Climb the top of the Sigiriya that road you can see arts and a lot of fantastic stuff. Complicated technology used to build Sigiriya rock. You will be amazed by what you see in Sigiriya.

Also, don’t forget to travel to Pidurangala Rock. The Pidurangala Rock is a few kilometres away from the Sigiriya Rock, and you can get a super cool view of Sigiriya Rock at Pidurangala Rock.

Also, there are a lot of places to travel around Sigiriya. I will share all of those places in the future.

This information is the all I have to share in this post. I hope you will like this and thank you for reading. I will see you in the next post.

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  1. Hey thank you for the awesome post!!  I would love to visit this rock!  It is beautiful in my opinion!  I saw that there are several different ways to get there.  I really would prefer to take the train, even though I see that it takes more steps and a lot of time, the experience would be so fun! 

  2. Lovely guide.

    Unfortunately, I have never been to Sri Lanka. I have heard many nice stories about it. Perhaps, one day the opportunity will arise for me to go and visit this country. You write that Sigiriya is one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka. 

    The rock looks attractive. I like green as well. I need to study a bit more about your country to learn more about it. In my country, we have many kinds of wood, some nice mountains, nice sea, and a lot of ofislands. However, It is nice to visit and learn more about different countries and cultures.

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  3. Hi, I never set my foot in Sri Lanka, let alone Sigiriya. I have never heard of this place before. Thanks for the article I now know the existent of this place which is full of history. If I do visit Sri Lanka, I will definitely spare some time to visit here. It seems it has nice scenery and very Instagramable. Thanks for this article, and thank you for recommending places that are rare.

  4. Nice article,I have heard alot about sri Lanka and the amazing places more importantly I have heard alot about the place Sigiriya but I knew it to be Lon Rock I heard heard it’s a magical place full of history with different life forms.but from the details I gotten from your article I think I would plan a vacation to this  nice place.thanks for enlighten about this historical destination

  5. I never knew Sigiriya is such a beautiful place and you’ve provided so many excellent insights here. I particularly like the travel advice. It can be an intimidating thing traveling in different countries, so having as much information as possible is really helpful. Lion’s Paw and Sigiriya Rock and Pidurangala Rock sound pretty amazing. It’s look like there are lots of places to hike around this area, which is right up my alley, so I will save your post for my next trip. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you come up with, great work!

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